About Us

Welcome to Bunny Creations... my name is Lisa and I share my life with two wonderful bunnies, Binky and Lulu. i have been lucky to have had many more incredible bunnies in my life over the years, all who had been rescued and were spoilt rotten. They have brought me so much joy and quite honestly... taken over my life! But I wouldn't have it any other way!
My store was inspired by them and my love of all things bunny and I enjoy finding you fabulous bunny items from around the world! 
I try and offer you the best selection of bunny goods I can find and some of the items I design and make myself, giving you many exclusive items! 
I am vegan and very passionate about animal welfare and strive not to stock any products that contain leather or real fur and that have been tested on animals. 
Please also join us on our Facebook page  to find out all the news from Bunny Creations and join in our bunny auctions raising funds for rescue rabbits. You can also sign up to our newsletter for all the latest new products. 
 Best wishes, Lisa and the buns x