Exciting new brand - Firlefanz - Bunny Creations

Exciting new brand - Firlefanz

We just love the new products we have imported from Germany by new brand Firlefanz. Meet the fellow bunny crazy lady behind the brand, Susi. 

"I have bunnies of my own, two lionhead boys named Dastan and Sirius. I've had bunnies since I was eleven and never want to have it any other way.I started drawing bunnies more when a good reallife friend of mine wanted to make stickers for her bunny on Instagram since he grew quite popular 😄 and from that... it escalated. More and more bunny parents wanted their furbabies to get portrayed by me and I was delighted to be of service. That's why my prices are still quite moderate, because I'd like to have anyone be able to afford a nice portrait of their pet ☺️
At the end of 2018 I opened my Etsy shop and listed my first product, the Too Hip To Hop artprint 😊" 


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