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Love Country by Sarah Reilly

Honey Bunny Lop Forever Wooden Plaque

Honey Bunny Lop Forever Wooden Plaque

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“And now for something totally different…”
Surprise someone with these completely unique Forever Cards…
Imagine receiving a beautiful wooden card in the post which you can hang up and keep forever!!
These special cards feature a gorgeous watercolour design on one side and a charming poem on the reverse written by the Artist.
A gift and a card in one!

  • measuring 16cm x 16cm 
  • Made in the UK

    Poem on reverse:

    When bunnies are born there is a little bit of magic inside them waiting to be found
    That's how they make everyone feel happy and special when they are around
    With the softest of fluff and droopy floppy ears twitching a little pink nose
    Waves of happiness and joy spreads to us all wherever they hop and go
    Sitting in a patch of primroses Honeybunny is as tender as can be
    The bees visit her where she enjoys the shade under the old hazel tree
    They are attracted to her magical bunny charm as she grazes on the grass
    The mice also enjoy an afternoon chat with Honeybunny as they scurry past
    The smallest of creatures can have the most kindness I have found
    Make her laugh and her magic releases in glowing sparkles all around
    For bunnies' hearts are pure and their place in this world is quite clear
    Bunnies are for cuddling and loving and for us all to hold especially dear xx


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